Iona Hodgson Director
At Large

Iona is a communications professional passionate about turning creativity into success. Her marketing expertise and eye for visual excellence mean she is uniquely placed to serve the creative sector. Iona offers 360° vision and insightful consultancy to the management of clients and projects.

Bonny Williams
Business Strategist
At Large

Bonny lives and breathes business, marketing and pottery! Utilising her exceptional business strategy expertise and human approach, she is ideally placed to advice and encourage clients, allowing them to make smart choices and the right decisions.

Elma Glasgow
PR Strategist
At Large

Elma applies her PR prowess when advising on strategy and securing positive media coverage for clients. She pairs her highly proactive attitude with a journalistic drive for compelling story angles to catch the media's attention, helping clients achieve ambitious campaign goals.

Ruby Turner
Social Creative
At Large

Ruby brings her artistic flair and nimble fingers to social media accounts and campaigns. Her glamour, elegance, and on-the-pulse expertise touch every aspect of the work she produces as she keeps everyone's accounts full of vibrancy and life. She thrives on delivering stunning content and exciting results.


We are a group of independent women passionate about helping clients flourish and thrive. We do this by refining style and message into what we like to call WOW. 

WOW  exclamation   informal

used to show surprise or pleasure:

WOW  noun [ S ]   informal

a person or thing that is very successful, attractive, or pleasant:

WOW  verb [ T ]   informal

to make someone feel great excitement or admiration:

Image by Alex Suprun

Why At Large?

Driven by high aesthetic, hard work and a passion for the arts, At Large brings clients' messages to life by  aligning sensitivity, creativity and expertise. We understand the challenges that SMEs and independent businesses face in reaching the right audiences, telling the best stories and making a long lasting visual impression. The team are here to help our clients navigate the demands of marketing, design and communications effectively and efficiently.


We champion inclusivity, believe in community and  and love to see our clients flourish with little help from their friends At Large. 

"At Large helped me understand the importance of telling the story behind my work" Nicola Coe

"The encouragement and support I gained whilst working with them gave me a new found confidence and respect for my art practice that I will carry forward with me in my engagements with social media in the future. The mentoring they offered me for the business side of my career as an artist was invaluable"