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Creative Production 

From conceptualising, art directing, project management and production coordination we have in-house expertise to deliver anything from photo shoots to festivals. In the past we have managed or contributed to the production of an array of dynamic projects such as:

  • A festival about food, art and community

  • An interactive exhibition about camouflage in the sea 

  • Interior decoration schemes for restaurants and pubs

  • Graphics and packaging for high end chocolatier

  • A film for a tech start-up

  • Murals in urban and interior spaces

  • A digital advertising campaign for a make up brand

  • A high-end event for a vlogging platform

  • Photography shoots for national campaigns

What project do you need help to realise?

We Create Projects - Exhibition Design Production 700px Sealife Hide & Seek Exhibition Sha

Case Study: Beach Street Felixstowe


Since Winter 2019 At Large has managed both Instagram and Facebook accounts for this Seaside shipping container complex in Felixstowe. In the first sis months of working together Instagram reach improved 12k to 20k and followers increased from 330 to 2,611. We also improved the Facebook reach from 10.5k to 40.5k through organic interaction, attractive and informative content, various campaigns and engagement. Since beginning the clients Facebook followers has shot up from 2,118 to 5,421 and is still growing.

Social media management and websites for artists

Case Study: Christopher Ryland


Christopher is a celebrated Botanical Watercolour artist. While working with us we set-up and grew his Instagram account, and after working with us on our three month Growing Sales package, overall impressions increased by 0 by 5,586% with website clicks to potential sales grew from 0 to 52 per week. (we also made a new website) Instagram profile visits grew from 0 views to 1,061. During the three months, Christopher learned all about Instagram, how to use it to showcase his work and attract a following. For artists it is important to stay visible and communicate your expertise and artistry. He now manages his account solo, with the tools he learned and has a meaningful following of almost 600 people.

Social media management for artist

Case Study: Stephen Henderson


Stephen Henderson is an establish British wildlife sculptor who works from his home studio on the estuary, in the Walton Backwaters, Essex. Since 2015 we have worked with Stephen to increase his visibility and improve his sales. On top of regular consultancy and marketing we do regular work on his social media channels, especially in the run up to exhibitions. recently Stephen had a winter show in his studio which was the most successful he has ever had, we spent two months prior to the show promoting the show and the new work, as well as connecting with is audience. In that time Instagram impressions improved by 3,586% and profile visits grew from 111 views to 560. Website clicks to potential sales grew from 29 to 77 per week and 6 sales were generated via his website. His following also increased by 361 in that time.

Social media management for artists and venues

Case Study: Nicola Coe


Nicola Coe is a multi-disciplinary artist who worked with At Large to refine her messaging and storytelling. Through the 3 month Growing Sales package she learned how to write about her work, curate her instagram account, and how to engage and grow her audience. After 1 month of working with us overall impressions increased from 1,006 to 3,217. She started to see the benefits quickly and website clicks grew from our first week by 280%, generating two sales. 
We grew Nicola a meaningful following by 650 and her profile visits grew from 99 views to 408

PLEASE NOTE: Metrics and insights are completely dependent on the individual business’ marketing plan. Examples above are in relation to each account's or client's specific goals, budget, content, regularity of work carried out and other variables. We pride ourselves on building  meaningful followings for our clients, our work is highly personalised and none of the above involve paid advertising. To learn more about which metrics are important to you, and how we can work with you to achieve your goals, please contact us directly.


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